At Crosspointe You’ll be welcomed into a friendly, environment by people who are excited to see you. We want you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive. All you have to do from here is come as you are and find out more for yourself!

What to Expect at Our Worship Experience

Worship Through Song

Our minister of music will lead several songs that we sing together as a congregation.

Worship Through Prayer

The pastor or members of the church will pray aloud as the rest of the church prays silently in agreement. Most people close their eyes to help stay focused and bow their heads in reverence for God.

Worship Through Hearing of the Word

The pastor will lead the church in reading from the Bible and will then teach and encourage the church on how to apply it to everyday life. Our congregation frequently stands to honor God’s Word as we read from the Bible.

Tithes and Offerings

Ushers will receive members’ tithes and offerings, the portion of our earnings that we return to God. Guests should not feel obligated to give.


The pastor will invite those in attendance to respond to God and will be available to counsel and pray with individuals.

What Should I Wear?

Crosspointe is a place to come as you are. On any given Sunday you will see worshippers in jeans and t-shirts, as well as jackets and ties.

What Kind of Music Do You Have?

All services at Crosspointe have a blend of traditional and contemporary music styles for worship.

What Translation of the Bible Do You Use?

Our pastor generally refers to the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, but we do not consider it to be the only faithful translation.

What Do You Offer for Kids?

Preschool Worship is available for children birth through pre-k during each of our morning services. Parents are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early on their first visit to provide smooth check-in for your children. Parents can also request a pager to reach you in the event your child needs you during your visit.


What is the Gospel?

We would love to see you this weekend