God calls parents and grandparents to inspire and nurture strong faith in the next generation. That’s why we equip moms and dads to be intentional about spiritual formation at home.



Intentional Parenting

Free resources to help you become more intentional in your parenting


Word 511

The Bible is your family’s most reliable spiritual road map given by God to guide us. But it must become more than a symbol or a relic. It must become part of the everyday fabric of our lives.

5 Love Languages

Your love language may be as different from your loved one as French is from English. Each person has a primary way of expressing and receiving love. To communicate love effectively, we must learn to speak and understand new languages of love


Pray 7-5-2

Prayer is essential to spiritual growth as a believer. Pray 7-5-2 seeks to guide families to develop a habit of prayer.

Faith-Filled Holidays

Most holidays create a perfect occasion to reinforce your family’s faith, especially those rooted in Christian traditions and celebrations. Select any of the tools below to drive intentional faith conversations in your home.


Turn Around at Home

We all have received a legacy from our parents and we will all pass on a legacy to the next generation. What kind of legacy will you pass on? Learn how to pass on a strong spiritual legacy regardless of the legacy your received.