Connect Through Giving


One way that we can participate in what God is doing is by giving generously, sacrificially, and joyfully. Our attitude about giving reflects what we believe about the Kingdom of God.

Is Online Giving Safe?

Yes. Crosspointe follows these industry-standard guidelines for all transactions:

  • We do not retain or store your credit card information
  • All personal, credit card, & bank information is submitted using 128 bit encryption.
  • We use a Level 1 Certified PCI Compliant Service Provider. 
Why do I need to set up an online giving account?

An online giving account allows you to view all of your past gifts for tax purposes, as well as manage your recurring gifts, without having to contact the church office. It also helps Crosspointe maintain the most efficient records of your gifts.

Does giving online cost the church money?

Yes. Our service provider does charge a small percentage for each online transaction. Fees vary on the type of transaction you choose to use. To reduce the costs of your online gifts, please consider the following information:

  • Credit / Debit card transactions are about 3% of the total given
Can I set up automatic recurring gifts?

Yes. To help you remember to give regularly, you can setup an automated recurring gift at the interval of your choice (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, etc.).

Can I change or cancel my recurring gift?

No problem. Just login to your account and update your Scheduled Giving. It’s that easy. There is no need to contact the church office about these changes; they will be automatically applied.

Can I give to a specific project?

Yes. You can choose from a few available funds to designate. Note: not all funds are available for online giving. Please contact the church office in these situations.