Your love language may be as different from your loved one as French is from English. Each person has a primary way of expressing and receiving love. To communicate love effectively, we must learn to speak and understand new languages of love.

Love Language Profile

Take the 5 Love Language Profile to find out you and your family’s love languages.

Love Language Challenge

Take the 5 Love Language Challenge to sign up for a free five-week challenge with free ideas, tools and reminders to meet your spouses specific love language.

Love Language Pics

When you know everyone’s love language, print out the corresponding signs and take a family picture. Use the picture to remind you of your family’s love languages. Use #cplovelanguages to share your family’s image.

Use these images to put on your personal devices to remind you to get in God’s Word individually, as a couple and as a family.

Free Tools & Resources

Love Language Recipe Cards

Ideas for spending meaningful time with others.

Love Language Coupons

A fun way people to get their love needs met in specific and meaningful ways.